Foster to Adopt : There's Value in the Process

Frank Caeti and Rachel Romanski adopted their son in April of this year. This amazing yet bittersweet moment came after fostering him for about a year and a half, which came after innumerable hours of trainings and interviews of becoming certified to foster and adopt, which came after years of conversation about family and planning. In this podcast, we talk through this lengthy process, because in Frank and Rachel’s opinion, there was immense value in the process. The time that it took, the questions that were asked and connections that were made with others during this time, were all pivotal parts of the process—and they wouldn’t change a thing.


If fostering-to-adopt has ever been a consideration for your family of if you’d simply like to learn more about the process, Frank and Rachel walk us through the step by step and their opinions, surprises and lessons learned from all of it.

Christina Lindstrom